Friends Are Like Trees

Written by: Bryan De Poet

For a record,
A best friend covers your past from floating to the present life!
Though we also have,
Next-door friends!
Worldview friends!
Cross-culture friends!
Financial friends!
Devotion friends!
Close friends!
Friends with benefits!
Mentor friends!

Don’t quote me wrong but,
Girlfriends and boyfriends are like florets,
They bloom, fly, fall and dry.
While your friends will be crafting more brush-woods,
Each brushwood with abound leaves.
Friends are as mightier as a pen.
A clement friend will collate all the early worms for his/her friend!
A horizon friend will always transcribe and send missives.
A barnstorming friend can be amiable,
A friend’s cuddle and trust is glory!
True friends wipe off the tears trailing through your cheek
Friendship is a heart of trust.
Friends are like trees,
Trees grow and craft other brush-woods!
Friends are synonymous to trees. 

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