Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

SHE IS ELEGANT all around
Her looks and her style are so magnificent
You don’t find her in obscure places with reviler and scoffers
Her presence is the delight to men of honors-kings and princes
Always busy with her obligations
And she does them with such perfection
Her hands are magical
Noticed in the taste of her food

She is a woman-a real woman
One whose Company you would love to keep
For the word of her mouth are full of wisdom
So great that it builds nation
Great men are from her loins
Which she nurtured wither words
She is a delight to her husband
And the envy of other women

She is a woman-a real woman
Spotless like pure gold	and priceless like the heart of a man
She shines like the sun in the dark
What more can I say for you to understand
That she is a masterpiece
Admired by all
I would not say more but only to watch
As her beauty unfolds