Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

My personality
That's my identity
Who i am in a summary
What a shocking reality
It is my ability to express me
... A great asset not a liability
So i ask you my community
Do you like my personality
Some times i can be unstable like the weather
But my personality is constant for3ver
I may create a lot of shams
So that i can charm
You people from knowing who i am
But that brings me much harm
Because my personality i must be expressed
if  i don't i will be giving myself stress
Hiding my personality
Is like losing the ability to be free
I try to make friends
I try so much to blend
I try also not to offend
but my personality doesn't send
It must exhibit what it can
And can not be hidden in a can
so take me the way i am
and i the way you are
no matter how i try to fake
It would always ache
So before you judge me
Just try to love me
And you would see
That i have a great personality