Once a Child

Written by: James Chenevert

It seems so long ago,
I was once a child.
A boy of innoccence,
a flower, to one day grow wild.
The wind would pull me from my roots,
carry me to many strange places.
Always new destinies,
many new faces.
As nature would mold the frame,
temper the heart,
people would steal the soul,
life would tear it apart.
Anger would rule the mind,
temptation would seduce the future.
Leaving everything that was good,
lagging far behind.
The years would erode the man,
tearing down my goal.
The world would be my destruction,
I would pay a mighty toll.
Elusive would be love,
lost would be the emotion.
angry sea's viloent commotion,
eternal torment, many raging fires,
burned out cinders from falling spires.
Battered, beaten, empty and beguiled.
I would become all that is left,
of what used to be once a child.