My Hope

Written by: Shani Fassbender

I believe in the power of prayers
To not believe would be a waste
Words of faith will not be misplaced
Someone listens, someone cares

I wonder how others cope
When lost, unsure, or full of scorn
Enduring a loss, a death, or how to mourn
Do they have the promise of hope

I stand in awe of miracles I behold
As abundant as the stars in the sky
Or as rare as the four leaf clover we pass by
One shall be blessed as they watch one unfold

I understand that we are all equal, yet diverse
I know an open heart is brought forth by an open mind
We should be made more aware that acceptance is kind
Through a world of controversy, yet compassion, to traverse

I contemplate that our journey will be boundless
For the generations to come and beyond
To envision how prayers and miracles respond
So our faith and belief in ourselves is endless