I Must Have Dreamed You Here

Written by: Lori Lucas McClure

Thy love hath possessed me, and consumed mine every thought. 

An inescapable prisoner; handed an irrevocable sentence of love.

Thy memory hath become my ever constant companion, my dearest friend.  

My imagination carries mine heart to thee.

I have dreamt thee so close that I could almost hear the beat of thy heart.

How strong the illusion and how intolerably cruel when it vanishes in the night.

I languish in love and longing akin to pain.

I reach for thee in my dreams only for you to disappear on the whim of a touch.

Mine soul is disquieted in me; a raging storm of rapture and despair.

How long, shalt I mourn for thee? How long till I hold more than your memory?

Tis more than I can bear, but alas I will close mine eyes to sleep ,and once again 

meet you there.