Old Salty Dog

Written by: ned flanders

It was an old sailors birthday,
he went back to the docks.
He met a professional lady
they preceded then to talk.

He had been alone a long while
thought that his tide was nigh,
time to have some fun
before prices get to high!

They negotiated terms
on what he"d have to pay.
Then headed back to hers
where she would make his day.

They both got in her bed,
he set about his task.
After a couple of minutes
he felt he had to ask?

"Well, how do you think i"m doing, 
am I giving you the hots?
Please tell me what you think,
give me your passing thoughts?

          She replied.

"You are doing at least 3 knots,

          "Knot really hard,

           knot quite in,

           and knot getting
           your money back!