Written by: Paul Beadnall

As the old proverb prevails, " love comes unexpectedly"
hyperthetically speaking,exactly what happened to me
hurting decieving initially, then having to lay my cards
ending an eight year relationship,unspeakably so hard.

A  feeling of selfishness,that i needed to explain
to make her see true love i found,obviously causing pain
i didn`t jump in to this,with my blinkers on
knowing that the pain inflicted, was definately wrong

But looking back in hindsight,i wouldn`t change a thing
the love,happiness and caring is what my Skinbob brings
i didn`t really get a chance, to  put across the full tail
i had to explain the full issue over in an e mail.

I have no regrets at all,i  did find  my soulmate
we`ll be together forever,with memories to create
inseperable together,our siblings flown the nest
now i will do my utmost, to give my love the best.

 Frank Herrera`s 
Contest Name The CrossRoads of your Life