Work In Progress

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

My whole life is a work in progress. This includes everything 
I do, have to keep working on and improving, fine tuning,
use some spit and polish. Needs some more strokes of
the paint brush to give it more color. Blue, green, red, 
a brighter shade of pale. Mix it all up splash it on the canvas,
see if it's a closer hue to me. If I can't get it right it may not
be here tomorrow.

Slight of hand, puff of smoke, now you see it, now you 
don't.  Ala-ka-zam, abra-kadabra work some magic.
Smoke and mirrors make this all a fleeting illusion.
Rabbit in the hat, card up the sleeve, hidden
exit doors.

You see my friends it's my affliction of addiction kicking
in, there is no way to predict what will be in store
for us today or tomorrow, may be joy
or may be sorrow.