An Easter Speech for the President

Written by: john loving iii

When Easter comes and 
remembers the Day that
Christ was risen from a grave

Children are given a little speech
a word or two for them to teach
and with their voices God does preach
a little prayer and hope for each

Thats what we need
the President said.
We need our economy
raised from the dead

And the speech writer wrote
And in his speech the President plead
Here is something the wise have said
"That wealth is the order and procedure
of production and exchange. Rather than
the accumulation of mostly perishable goods."

today's economist have no memories
nor do they respect traditions
rarly do they ask Gods permision
they do not care for the worlds condition

Lead "The People"  give them a mission
fill their hearts with duty and commision
If we have strayed get on the right track
and try your hardest to bring God back.