Written by: Caryl Ramsdale

I stand in awe; when newborns are Settled into warm cozy beds ~ Living and breathing in our world ~ Time to time turned, shaping soft heads. I feel; full to overflowing With love that bursts forth in my soul ~ For the innocence of new life ~ One great gift God chose to extol. I wonder; if this small person Will someday be all they can be ~ Or maybe stray from goodness that ~ Anchors honor and decency. I understand; motivation And the freedom to make a choice ~ Hinges on strength of character ~ And how high one lifts one’s small voice. I believe; The Lord God knew all Before you filled your lungs with air ~ Like ev’ry amazing new life ~ The Almighty chooses to share. Caryl Ramsdale Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. Rhyme Poetry Form August 20, 2011 “Choose your theme“ by Paula Swanson 1st Place 8/25/2011