Of Pestilence and Resilience

Written by: Girish Gokul

My wife woke me up last night and said that she had been bitten all over by something,
She said she was certain it had not been me...
Alarmed! I rolled off the bed and landed on my knee.
Our baby was sleeping soundly and he did give a tither,
Sleep was precious and mine was a lost treasure.

Switching on the lights, I ventured to check
My wife, armed with a torch went over every speck
Checking anything that moves, including my shadow...
She declared she was fed up with my strange bedfellows!
My wife, she is a fighter! and I went down once again, hook line and sinker.

Crawling carefully, we saw quite a few well fed guests,
Trust me, they had had a feast and were ready for a well earned rest.
"Bed bugs! in my house!!" bellowed my wife!
I knew someone was nearing the end of someone's life.
The blame was sure to come on me and and so I quit exchanging pleasantries.

The next day I surfed the net and posted the problem on a website...
And answered phone calls well into the night!
Carpet area, free services and yearly sprays to get rid of all pests..
The offers were tougher to negotiate than a reprieve from the God of Death.
All said and done, the deal was signed and the work began.

They sprayed all over and under and even in between the third and fourth dimensions
Einstein would have been impressed, maybe even written an equation!
I sit in front of the computer with a runny nose...
Keeping watch over the house even as the scourge of the bugs slowly go.
The house smells funny and for two days I will miss their company.

My wife and kids, I mean and not the bed bugs.. O Reader!!
You are as bad as my wife, who thinks I am a lazy bugger!
Little bed bugs can shake a household, 
Or as in my case, put life on hold.
Nowadays I write poems for my friends who have turned cold.

Those pest control guys did a good job, I believe,
I can see insects falling from the walls, the cracks, and the crevices.
Sometimes Life is just simple and straight,
Bed bugs, cockroaches and even a few mosquitoes are a part of your fate.
What is amazing is that a bug's bite has been converted into the Net's byte!

I rest my case...
Accepting whatever I get with...grace.