Priceless Grant

Written by: louzana nubani

The moment I woke up 
Tiredness granted me Good morning 
With all the strength I had
I prayed what I could 
Collapsed into bed
Agonized with fever 
And throbbing stomach aches
I lied in my bed
From the cold 
Wrapping myself with rugs of clothes
Constantly feeling the urge to throw up 
Nausea covered me, surrounded me
And I waited 
It was Ramadan 
Food or water I was not allowed to have
A pill of drug or medicine I starved
But I waited
Three hours were ahead
I had no intention of wasting my fasting 
I wondered here and there
The painstaking headache pursued me
And buried me in ache 
The trash can beside me awaits
The upcoming throw up 
That didn’t arrive
In pain I lied 
The smell of food protruding from the kitchen 
Smothered me
Causing my stomach to hurt and hunger even more
To my laptop I went 
Motionless and lifeless as ever
I sat there waiting for the call 
Waiting for the call of the mosque 
Granting me the allowance to eat 
And so it did 
I stood up, shaking in my clothes 
To the kitchen I headed 
Like a lousy drunk I looked
To the food, to the water
I took my pills
I drank my juice 
No feelings of hunger conquered me
I lost my appetite
I left the table 
Dizzy and sore
I fell to the couch 
Like a mummy indoor
The feelings, the headache, the soreness 
Continued still 
I said thank God for my health 
Lying there, as my family watched
The shows ahead
Not a moment in this life
I will remember less
Because at last 
I realized the price of health
What I lost 
I remembered still 
And God 
The merciful granted me 
What he took from me
Because of a reason 
I lacked knowing yet