Written by: J B

if I could find a way to hit delete 
if there was lock, I would turn the key 
if there was an easier way, 
a quicker path 
I would take it immediately 

if there were no shadows 
or once flowering meadows 
if the silver had  tarnished 
not polished to gleam 
if old black and whites 
had been torn and discarded 
I might have felt more at ease 

if there were no songs 
forgotten not long 
if the tune didn’t play in your memory 
when I don’t know is an easy road 
to protect those good old days 

if there were no thoughts of any but me 
if the little black book I didn’t see 
if doesn’t cover the well used pillow 
of dances not ever quite complete 

if I could read your mind 
what would I find 
what else is there I don’t know 
what will I discover shrouded 
there undercover… just 
waiting to rain down on me