A Search

Written by: Bruce Chhetri

A chirp and a day dawns and dawdles My eyes open to part take in its mystery Oh, blessed me! Doomed to suffer in sorrow Sin surrounds and surpasses my selfish self Is my life a ransom- so rugged and red? No, a punishment to purify my polluted pot? Restless I grow, no good comes from me. Who am I an unworthy, uncouth, piece of flesh? Turf I reach, silence envelopes, disposes me The cliff that catches me to calm, so there I climb Greenery, I love the beauty and the vicinity I realize, a mere mortal so immoral is loved by she. Day breaks, sun rises, brightens my face My eyes sparkle on every darkest day on earth Searching voraciously you, in nothing I find. Tiredness fades and yet I find you not!!! With sweet hope, I surrender -sleep to search you Or else I die and die every day and yet not a day I live.