For the love

Written by: Innocentia Somo

This is for the love…                                                                                                           This is for the love of my people… Le hase bale siko.                                                     Remember Bantu Steve Biko?.. I write what I like.                                                             When I’m on the mic, I tell it like it is bro. Every time you’re by yourself, you reach for your cellphone. Trying not to feel alone, you check for the dial tone.                                  Then you try to figure out, why nobody’s home.
This is life, in the zone of an African on his own.
Spark a light, burn a whole in his soul.                                                                                Put his candle out.                                                                                                               I stick my hand out; the needle goes in my vein.                                                                 No more pain, just a flame burning more holes.                                                                 In a plane, dropping bombs on my own folks                                                                      As we move ever so close, I see the rope, I tie the noose, then I push off on my toes.     There it goes.

My own life flashes before me, I see a ghost, I’m having hot flushes, I can’t breathe.        I hesitate, then I choke, my eyes close                                                                               I’m in the tunnel, it’s getting bright, I see the light, it’s getting close                                  Oh my GOD this is it, aint no turning back                                                                         I’m kicking and screaming, but there’s nothing coming out                                                 My cellphone is ringing… GOSH! I can’t pick it up                                                               Wait a second; got it… that’s a knife in my pocket                                                               I cut it, I’m falling, I can’t breathe, I’m crawling                                                                  Who’s that calling, I can’t see, I’m crying                                                                            I did it all for the love.