I'm Just Me

Written by: Kristina Gilpin

I know I have curves 
I'm not skinny like the other girls
I have some what of a belly
My eyes are Brown instead of Blue
I'm big bone
Not skin and bones
I'm Just Me
Nothing Special
So Why is it so hard 
For someone to love me
I know my laugh ant perfect
I'm the girl sitting on a bar stool
Wondering Why Not Me
I got a lot to offer
All I ever ask for is to be loved
I got my mistake 
But No one is Perfect 
I'm Just Me
I never get ask to dance
Yes I Birth three cute  kids
I have a little wight
It shouldn't matter if you really wanted to be with me
Their are days I like to be lazy
And Wear my fave it pair of sweat pants
Just snuggle on the sofa
I'm Just Me
So why does all the men pick the girls who looks like they need to eat
Instead of me..