You Leave Me Hanging

Written by: Emma Mantle

I hate it that you leave me hanging
sat waiting for a word or smile
I tell myself you mean nothing to me
but I've crossed my fingers as I wait awhile

I pace the room with indifferance
pretending not to care
giving voice to the odd frustration
but I'm just speaking to thin air

In sleep I lay distracted
your a thought that threads my dreams
one that lingers through the day
I'm so annoyed I think I could scream

But one day I'll uncross my fingers
the things I say will then be true
thin air need no longer listen
and the threads of my dreams will be new

I won't be where you left me
just waiting for a word or two
I'll have gotten over caring
and no longer distracted by you

Until then I guess I'll hang here
just like the time before
knowing one day it will be over
because I'll pace right out the door.