Written by: Expressive Child

The sunrise shines upon my face,
and I struggle to open my eyes...
somehow I fight to drift once again,
into the comfort of these dreams..
in a voyage filled with fantasies...
where I sail away from the truth..
and the harshness it ever shows..

In the light I hear chants of the angels,
showered by stardust and falling leaves,
in skies of amethyst purple and blue..
up above a solitary and blissful garden, 
where I see a fountain of youth....
surrounded with roses of pearly white..
and grasses of emerald green...

These moment seems so brief...
yet it caresses the desires within,
I felt my soul elevated to another realm,
as the clouds of joy shows it's way...
to the wishing stars our hearts long for,
and the compassion that it yields within,
that our empty souls has ever craved..
These are the moments I felt truly alive..
a resurrection from the pit of the undead,
a reincarnation into a new desirable life..
The happiness it yield in it's delusion..
gratifies my soul with a faithless idealism, 
but it is where I found my contentment..
in this world of pure and truthful realism..