My Little World

Written by: James Chenevert

It seems so long ago,
"My little world"
When I was young,
and very talented.
I had so many ways to go.
Opportunity was there,
so many oats to sow.
Time was all on my side,
youth was the Soldier of my pride.
Strength, I had it in one hand.
All the ability and courage,
to conquer this promised land.
Wisdom so deep,
it amazed the best.
My life was all ahead of me,
I could meet any test.
So many years, so many dreams,
but the lost bridges, winding streams,
a wrong turn here, a wrong turn there.
Soon, no life, no lasting love,
no one to care.
Wine, women and song,
bars, cars and booze.
Nothing more to lose.
the dreams have all gone.
Life wasted from the time I was born.
My soul, an empty heart,
so unfurled,
welcome to what is left,
of my empty world.