When I'm Alone

Written by: William Crocker

When I’m alone
          And thoughts of you
Steal softly ‘cross 
          The paths my mind has taken,
I close my eyes,
          And, silently,
I drink the fragrance
          Of your presence.

When I’m alone,
          The songs I sing         
                         Belong to you;
The flowers I pick
          Make your bouquet;
The castle I build
          Is for your dwelling;
The jewels I find
          Are for your adorning.

Should you never come to me,
When I’m alone
          The songs I sing
                    Will all be sad songs;
And, wilted flowers
           Will line the path 
                    To an empty house;
The jewels I find
          Will lie like stones
                    That children throw.

So, come,
Hold my hand
          And walk with me.
Blend your thoughts with mine.

Let our souls become as one
          In the empty hours . . . 
                    When I’m alone.