A shame it is not

Written by: John Monteblanco

“She died? So what?!” she said.
She lived the life of an heiress- chilled, lazy, bossy.
It was all over the news, but the only people that cared, were the people who didn’t know her.
“Good riddance! She only thought about herself!”
Everywhere you turned in Heropotoko Village, where the young woman lived, mean horrible things were being said about her.
“Why the hell are people crying for? She couldn’t even decide on a husband!”
Laughs became common, the rich became middle class, and so did the poor.
When her will was read it said, “To the people of Heropotoko, I give my fortunes- all of it.
There will be no more tears or anger- only love, as your fifty-year-old heiress will soon see a brighter day."

Burlesque Twist