Like an oyster

Written by: Neil Mcdonald

             Like an oyster

Left now only
with a belt of pearls
I peel and palm each lustering orb
whilst whispering your names
till the call of dawn  

and this….
after invading your , sometimes,
sacred spaces ,
oh !
so brusquely

but then again…..
you ,
like an oyster,
haloed and held
my rough intrusion
deep inside your quivering fibres and folds…..
churning and turning
the irritation into a tear-like pearl,
or was it rather,
after the ache ,
a pearl-like tear?

And now…….
with the night
gelling around me a bounteous black pearl
I think of you
and your loose-limbed movements,
and it eases like love,
loneliness away .

you must be infused
by the same enveloping force ,
that now 
majestically orients 
this silver orb,
this pocked pearl…..
in my zenith .