Written by: Noura Majbri

I felt something strange tickling my ear.
I shrugged; then thought it was just the effect of beer.
No, the tickling went on and a white figure did appear.
I shrieked: "Who are you? And why are you here?"
I'm your caring angel. I came to wipe your tear.
Stay away! Don't come so near!
Don't you see me shaking with fear?
Relax! I just want to see you happy in this sphere.
Trust me. I won't be long. I'll soon disappear.
Things have to be set right and made clear.
Bringing your smile back is my reason to interfere.
I looked away wondering: "Isn't this what I want to hear?"
My heart leapt and started to cheer
When a piercing voice crossed my ear:
"Come on, get up! You'll be late, dear!"