Sacred Memory

Written by: Randy Steele

One dark, blustery night with storm clouds thickening
I peeked out of my window, but couldn’t see a thing
My hands cupped as blinders, and squinting very hard
A brilliant flash of lightening lit up a dark graveyard

The sky became a lightening show and thunder it did roll
Displaying in that graveyard a massive totem pole
It boasted such a dignity and stood there as a guard
Crested with an eagle that watched the whole graveyard

Storm clouds threaten to explode with tears of lament
For all buried in that graveyard is to someone heaven sent
Dad got back into the car as the angels began to cry
We drove from that graveyard under the eagle’s watchful eye

Each night before I sleep, lying in my bed
With exciting sights of the day dancing in my head
The memory I recall the most, the one I can’t discard
Is a flat tire on a stormy night,  totem pole and graveyard

Randy Steele

August 13, 2011