A Prayer

Written by: Terrell Martin

Dear God, I wanted To tell you how much I deeply appreciate all You’ve done for me Since the moment I Took my first breath, Of earth’s sweet air Into my infant lungs. I don’t stop And tell you very often How amazingly wonderful this life is Despite all the problems We humans unceasingly encounter. And yet, despite all Our anger, worries, frustrations Disillusionments and feelings of Disconnected discontentment, Nothing beats a baby’s laugh, A dozen long stem red roses, A spectacular sunset Or Shakespeare’s Iambic Pentameter To remind me that I’m only here for A grain of sand of time And that you’re the power that lies behind Each and every miracle we experience In this wonderful world. Thanks again For thinking the thought that brought Us here and giving us The opportunities to Overcome our faults and failures And strive ever upward, onward towards A place in our hearts, minds and souls Ultimately bringing us back Into your fold. Amen