Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

The reason

The reason

Why I'm here

Is to not live in fear.

The treason

The treason

That I recieved here

Is unbelieveable

But it is all part of the real


The reason

Why I'm here.

Is to glorify God

Even if I'm treated odd.

Every thing happens for a reason.

Everyone has experiences treason.

Everyone has a season for

Suffering, sacrifice, and harvest

In one's life.

I accept my reason.

I got treason.

I suffered.

I had to sacrifice

And I'm ready to reap a harvest

In this season of my life.

At times I gave my all and all.

At times I had to stumble and fall

But it's alll part of my reason...

And that's all.

Soon and very soon

I will pick a grand harvest.

And will thank the Creator

Because He sent someone

To suffer for me the largest.

The reason

The treason

The suffering

The pain

The harvest

I claim it all in Jesus

The Creator's only begotten son's

Great name.


copyright 2011-All rights reserved