No Further

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

.Lover don't look no where else

For me but at the top where you see

Me with people who are in a country city

Roe City is where you'll find me.

You can't look down there no mo'

Mediocrity kicked me out the do'

I ain't mad at them either tho'

They did what they had to do

So things would be better for me

And so things would be better for you

Lover don't look any further

Can't nobody else deal with you brother

You are patented for me

I am patented for you

You can keep looking but you'll never find

A love that is better for you

Yeah she may have this

And she may have that

But she really got your back

Way, Way, back.

She ain't got your back like me.

Don't look any further

Because a life with me

Is truly your destiny.


copyright 2011, All rights reserved.