Written by: Richard Moriarty

I dream dreams of beautiful things, things that I love to see and feel. I dream of waterfalls and see the sparkle of sunlight through the water that from its radiant color forms a rainbow and hear the rush of wind as it falls far below. I think of a flower and dream of the perfect nature of a petal, the sprinkling of color so perfectly settled.. uplifting in its nature. I see birds soaring in the sky and dream of their soft call as they seek another from far away. I dream of one who loves me as deeply as I love her and dream of her touch on my bare skin and feel the warm caress of parted lips. I dream of a baby sleeping quietly in its bed and see the faint smile on its face as it dreams likewise of butterflies skipping across cloudless skies. I think of children, and dream of their running across a field and hear them arguing over who was the fastest of them all. It's been written that we can dream but, not let dreams become our master. I am enslaved to my dreams... shameless and unafraid, I dream dreams and bow to my master.