Written by: Black Shadow

I'm here,
I've been here,
I've been breathing the local air,
I'm here not by will,
but for the best they say,
I'm in no where,
not near to where I came from,
The sun is bright,
The site is clear,
But this is far away from the familiar,
The walls that contains me,
Has it's curse in drowning me,
in the ocean of sympathy,
I drag myself with the power left,
Out of the ocean,
Out of sympathy,
I cry at night to breathe,
I cry of forgiveness,
hoping this broken heart,
would reset,
would go back in pieces,
But even that,
I'm not so sure about,
I'm still wandering,
Who got it broken in the first place,
Maybe I gave it away too easy,
But All I needed back,
was some love,
the one you got me for,
the one that keeps you breathing,
Now, I'm still here,
Closing and opening My eye lids,
hoping for a different day,
for a different scene,
I'm still hung over on the past,
The past is still hurting me,
Making me question,
The love I have for myself,
If I did love myself,
Why did I got into all of this,
Why did I brought myself to pain,
I'm here,
I will be breathing,
I will be okay.