Written by: Mydavolu Venkatasesha Sathyanarayana

In to the future times, eons from now
My friends and I in newest time machine
We flew to reach a world, enchanting! Wow!
With rose thickets, meadows and lofty pines

No heat; no Sun, in there; a lone full Moon
Was smearing sandalwood balsam on us
Running bunnies and frolicking raccoons
Did run a riot, while bees honey hummed buzz

My friends were filled with joy and flair, new-found
One reined a dinosaur; one chased a hound
One painted white, a crow; one tamed a bear
One dressed a wounded deer and hugged with care

One ran for sweet honeys dripping from trees 
With tongue outstretched and hit a black outcrop
Some climbed the trees and ate the fruits with glee
Some clung and swung to banyan’s hanging props

One raised a bough like a sword; displayed his brawn
And screamed, “I am the king of these realms green”
Adorned his wife with milky quills of swans
Her red headband and preened, “I am the Queen”

Went on and on my peoples’ prank and mirth
Till sounded time machine, “It’s time, it’s time”
We sprinted back to occupy our berths
And left that world of bliss with thoughts sublime

And back in my office; on broken chair
Below my screeching fan, with grim grimace
I sighed aloud and reached the open air
To find my friends drudging in Sun’s furnace

A wrenching feeling rudely swept my mind
“We live in neither future nor in past
To this Present alone we’re firmly chained
And breathe the breeze of this minute and last”

When truth unclothed had streaked before my eyes
Returned I sad and broke my truck of lies