The Deal

Written by: Tony Lane

The storm clouds came rolling in across the autumn sky,
I was moved to dig a hole but didn’t know just why.

And as I finished squarin’ up the hole the rain came pouring down,
If someone were to fall in it there’s chance that they could drown.

Just about then an Indian on a horse approached me from the back,
The brave promised me a ten dollar coin if I’d bury his gunny sack.

What’s in the gunny? I asked of him before reaching for the coin,
The face he made was just as if I’d kicked him in his tender loin.

He hesitated for a minute and then said that it was totem pole,
He told me that it would fit perfectly inside my fresh dug hole.

It didn’t take me long to take the deal the hardest part was done,
I’d cover it up then ride into town for ten dollars worth of fun.

Then he lit out like a man possessed and it made me stop to think,
And his ghostly howls as he rode away made me thirsty for a drink?

So I looked inside the gunny sack and understood why I’d dug a grave,
Because the totem that I found inside was the body of the brave.