If I could cry

Written by: James Chenevert

If I could cry, I'd cry for me.
I'd cry for all the things,
that I was to blind to see.

I'd cry for your hurt,
shed tears for your pain.
I'd wipe away the bad memories,
just let the good remain.

I'd shake out the sorrow,
erase yesterday completely,
and give you all of tomorrow.

I'd bow my head, bend my pride,
ask for forgiveness, 
for when ever I lied.

I'd take back the foolishness,
of my stupid ways.
Making it all up to you,
for the rest of my days.

If I could cry,
these tears I would shed.
Without you my love,
my future is dead.

If I could cry on the outside,
like I do on the inside,
you would be able to see,
the hurt that I have brought,
not only for you,
but also for me.

There would be no more deceit,
no more of the lie.
You would truely see,
my real love for you,