Logical Me

Written by: Annalee Pierce

Logical me Well, I find that kind of funny Because how could you see me If anything, as Smart? After Passionate me wrote so passionately The letter I penned with the ink Of my heart When meek, Timid me tried unsuccessfully to Admit to your face these feelings I've had And so Unhappy me thought quite reasonably That unless I spoke up, the results Would be bad Compassionate me Sympathized with Unhappy me, and found it Unhealthy to keep such a love buried Inside The romantic in me paired with the poet in Me, composing a letter I intended not To hide Soft-hearted me wrote of Altruistic you Benevolent, Chivalrous, Wonderful you Who Could do no wrong in the hearts of my eyes And what better way to thank you Than with my love for your Prize? Hence Loudmouthed me uncapped my bottle of tears And Masochistic me poured them Out onto the pages And though this was no abuse, I wonder Do I just get off on the pain? It's No sexual matter, but a matter all the same Worrisome me might be obliged To agree That Hind Sighted me has lost these battles For ages But what reason had I to scar My heart up again? Whimsical me had none to do with this Plot It must be Twice-Shy me, for I Had been bitten, and I believed that through Your love, I'd find the closure I sought Two months Past the fact, and Oh-So-Anxious me is Squirming in her seat, making The Butterflies dance in my stomach while she Waltzes so nervously But Suddenly, I think it's best not to expect A response from All-Too-Cautious You As Logical me makes her way onto the scene She and I realize that I've said More than is enough You get it, you know, and if you don't like It, then tough So I will say nothing, and let You make up your mind Logical me Struggles to find the right in all this Wrong, but it doesn't matter if I do Because despite Logical me's protesting screams Illogical me Still wants Wonderful you