Without Love

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Look around you see the azure sky
the peaceful white clouds the stars
shining in the infinite heavens
See the love and care of the creator
the color the diversity that he conceived 
from above Be amazed by his perfect love
Look again see us waste and destroy our
beautiful gift of love sent from above
We have raped the land ravaged the 
trees spoiled the rivers lakes and seas
it's like a bad dream it makes me 
so sad See how some take and take
and never give back forgetting their
brothers and sisters in need it is such
a sad thing to see Without love all is lost
the ruin comes at too high a cost My love
for life begins to fade everything is so
jaded then my sweet love comes and
holds me in her arms I feel her love it's like
a cool drink in the scorching heat she pours
her love on me then I truly can see without
love we are all perishing without
this to feed