Table Service

Written by: Tony Lane

Before you start your meal today I can see that you’re confused
Please let me explain to you now how the utensils are to be used.

Start from the left and work your way in
There’s a fork that you can use to loosen a fin

Next to that is a thing with a hook that slides
Here’s some WD-40 to make sure that it glides

You can use it to catch hold of a fat Farkel berry
Unless of course it’s being served with dairy

Then please switch over to the right side of the plate
And grab hold of the spoon that matches its mate

Use them in tandem to round up the sections,
Of various things in the main course selection.

Next to them is horse shoe shaped spoon with a handle
That’s used for warming up bread with a candle.

After that is a nice collection of knives
Used to get honey from inside of the hives

Now move counter clockwise to the top and find
A nickel plated yo-yo with its string entwined.

You use that for knocking stray fingers away
From the dessert that comes for you on a tray.

At last we come to that spring loaded gadget
You can use it to peel bananas or baguettes.

I hope you got all that down with your pencils,
As this now concludes our tour of utensils.

•	Fine Finlandic Fin Fork
•	Farkel Berry Hook (With safety slide)
•	Tandem (Sometimes Twin) Round Up Spoons
•	Bread Warming U-spoon
•	Slicker Honey Hive Stickers
•	Nickel Plated Knuckle Whacker
•	Spring Loaded Bread and Banana Peeler