Dance of shame

Written by: Muyideen Ayinla

Let them dance
Men clad in robes of shame
Let them wiggle and mingle 
Twist, turn and tingle-
Till they burn in their joyous flame.

We will watch silently
As their perspirations wear them out.
Silently we will watch,
Obey, and light our torch 
To see who amongst them survives the bout.

Men intoxicated by the love of power,
Men subdued by vaccine of greed
Waving scabbards of hatred in the air
Feeding the nation with crumbs of fear
Dance; today the drum calls you to your deed.

Let the beat continue its satirical melody.
We can hear the rhythm-
Flowing through the reverie of felony
"Dance, you who stole the key of harmony,
Today's promises tomorrow you will redeem."

Find a gong and a stick
And call the towncrier to duty.
Tell the world about this dance of shame
In a land where treacherous leaders have soiled her name-
And defiled her beauty.