Admitting loser

Written by: mary abdali

The lonesome expedition is what this life beholds,
All who walk with us, are in their own quests and zones
I walk alone ,tread the treacherous paths 
Desire of company, haunts my mind
Failed attempts to find the one
To be loved and adored, the nature just scorns
The process of fitting in,i lost myself
Desperation of being wanted,slaying my identity
Adopting their likes, loathing their dislikes
It was all a waste of time and energy
More  of a regret of losing my originality
The one unique trait, bestowed on my reality,
Lost and forgotten ,amidst the parade of all those i tried to impress,
Realizing with nothing in my hand
I lost the possession of my soul being mine
And now it occurred after all this time
How can someone love , a being who's only a shadow of his own being
None can value anyone more than himself
especially if you're just his reflection, not your true self!