Written by: Swairik Das

I wanted a day with you
and you promised to give your life
I pleaded a moment with you
and you avowed me another life.
I dawned a smile with you
and you cheered me with your laughter
I whisked my tears apace you
and you partook me with your tender.
I bricked the beauty in you
and you candied me with your fervor
I framed the benignity in you
and you cajoled me with your allure.
I destined a walk with you
and you eased me with your company
I recalled every word I spoke with you
and you penned every word in your diary.
I felt my juvenality with you
and you flowered me with your mimes
I found myself in you
and you had already versed me with your rhymes.
I perceived an intimacy with you
and you confided me, never will be apart
I aired the fragrance in you
and you thumped me with your heart.
I wanted a life with you
and you promised to give another
I pleaded a memory with you
and you framed me, being your lover.