Banker's Blues

Written by: ahellas Alixopulos

Driving home late last night,
road weary, and glad to be
homeward bound 
from my second job.
Thank goodness That 
I have one.

I turned on the radio
to stay alert and
heard the truly sad story
of David Brooke.

It seems poor David
had just been fired
cause under his watch,
the Bank of A's profits
had dropped by half.

Poor old David, his boss
refused his calls,
and he was forced to accept
a skimpy severance of,
250 million bucks.

Oh, I thought what 
will he do? I thought
of his poor family and their
humiliation. Does he dare go home?
What will he do
and where will he stay?

As I ended my working day
started 14 hours ago,
passed my sleeping family,
I was force to shed a tear
and stifle a sob over the plight
of poor old David Brooke.