What My Fate Says

Written by: Eric Morthan

I tried to control what is mine
i tried searching for answers hidden from me
but i cannot seem to find out why
why my fate is more cruel than what i see

i held sins that are unforgivable
i held marks and scars of my evil past
but God is of all Merciful
why am i not able to live normally, i would ask

cant be loved, would not be able to love
that is what my fate says
my heart bears the pain every night
to see that every moment i cant have each day

so what am i supposed to do 
my life feels different from everyone else
i cannot feel love or gain love
an emotion i feel most and now it is hell

so what am i supposed to do
when all my desire for someone
is just hollow inside

what am i supposed to feel
when i am not allowed to have love
once it is bind..

no freedom to live what you want
that is what my fate says

and there goes my life...