Written by: Jimmy Anderson

Life leaks away, grain by grain;
Like sand running through your fingers.
We all have experienced pain,
But there comes a time to remove the stingers!

Everyone goes through trials and tribulation,
And to get to the top you must start somewhere.
It takes pure determination,
And it doesn’t hurt to rely on a little prayer!

One must put in some hard work,
For success does come with a price.
One may have to start as a desk clerk,
But in the end it’s worth the sacrifice!

Life comes in stages, like a play;
So are you an “Extra”, or playing the “Lead” role?
Get your butt out of that ashtray,
For life’s burns will take its toll!

You must continue to persevere,
In order to overcome any situation.
It is normal to have some fear
Just never lose your “Determination”!