Written by: ahellas Alixopulos

Each species has its tools
to do what it can to ensure
its own survival.
We, try our best to 
and say we are not
the same.
We pick a trait to denote
our exclusivity.
Other species prove
their relativity.

Once it was tools
and to our chagrin
we found they all 
were using them
and so we redrew
the line.

Language is what 
we are good at
until we found 
that dog and cats,
parrots and dolphins,
chimps and all manner
of beasties with tales 
or not had their own
tales to tell.

What's left for us
to claim as our 
special trait?
I vote for 
self delusion.
It seems to us

We murder and convince ourselves
it is for peace.
We raise boys to be killers and then
pretend surprise
when they are.
We foster hate among each other
and pretend 
it is not really happening.
We enslave each other 
and claim
to believe in freedom.
We pretend concern for
all mankind,
yet make sure that
few succeed.

Yes, I think in all these things,
the animal, we far exceed