A Thousand

Written by: ahellas Alixopulos

A thousand 
American tragedies
going up and down
the freeway 
chasing the
American Dream.
There's one now,
weaving in and out 
of traffic,
to get where
he is going
at the expense 
of not getting
there at all.
Willing to take us
all with him
whether or not
we are willing 
to go.
And ahead, there's one,
like me,
creeping along,
trying to keep 
that old car 
for one more day 
of work.
There's one
sorting her mail,
cell phone attached,
weaving, weaving,
disaster coming,
It's only a matter
of crime.
A big double semi
passes me and
in a careless moment
I almost shift lanes 
between the trailers.
Why weren't
you thinking?
A moment of clarity, but
soon I return to 
the fray, 
one of the American tragedies
chasing the American Dream