Bed Battle

Written by: Emma Anonymous

Sweet dreams and I love you
It starts so simple and pure
and then before you know it,
you're in a full fledged war

Honey you're on my side
Could you scootch over just a little?
Well sweetie-pie I tried,
but you're laying in the middle

Please don't wake me if I mumble
I was asleep for goodness sake
If I wanted a real conversation
I would have stayed awake

Now you're starting to snore
You've stolen all my cover
I can't take this anymore
You, with my pillow, I'll smother

Now that I finally drifted asleep
Rudely, I've been awakened
Was that kick an accident,
or were you really fakin'?

I'm tired of not getting sleep
I fear danger in the future looms
Because I'm past wanting separate beds,
I want separate rooms!