saving cpl king

Written by: Yolanda Jones

the evening was quite rushed as dalloway sat
calling to the tamed and wildly educated 
an yet the daintiness allowed an infatuated
nest of kindness inspite the poised night

that brought such a gracious glare in sight
while the meaning of a lighthouse sung soft
away from the dark stairs and garden loft
the day turned down a silent orange sigh

between the gleaming spears that went on by
casting over shores and river banks 
while the shores sung o'glory to all of her tanks
while the canvas shouted out a quaint theme

bringing the sand to rise the river streams
as patience so galently removed an yet
the sunshined at bay without even a fret
as the wind rushed through the crowded breeze

leaving little room to even raise a sleeve
while the cape cod was surely missed 
as it was the purity of freedom so well kissed
for the days grew short but war indeed is no sport