Written by: Lyn McSweeney

Bow down to Jesus He is the ONE He’s Beautiful..Amazing and Gods own son Bow down to Jesus He is filled with grace Worship Him out His face Bow down to Jesus it’s the ONLY WAY Walking with Him day to day Bow down to Jesus..surrender ALL Hear His voice answer His call Bow down to Jesus..bend your knee He is the ONE who sets people free Free from the things embedded by “world” We are loved and cleansed till we gleam like pearls He tries and tests but He never leaves He tends His loved ones..those who believe He is the Way the Truth and the Life The Gate the Door..He is the Light The light in the darkest place in this world He is our Banner..fully unfurled The Alpha..Omega the Beginning and End Our King our Lord and our very best Friend BOW DOWN TO JESUS...HE IS THE ONE!!!!