Poets Combined

Written by: James Chenevert

If I were to write of all the poets combined,
these are the results that I would find.
A little love, a little pain,
a bit of sunshine, a bit of rain.
A man of the past, a man of tomorrow.
A man of anger, a man of sorrow.
A bit of summer, a bit of spring.
A bit of our life's to us they bring.
A bit of white in winter snow,
or fall colors all aglow.
Of dogs, cats, sheep and goats,
everything in life that fills our hopes.
Of oceans deep, mysteries unknown.
The sweetest of music and its tone.
The things we hear, we see, we say.
The distant worlds so far away.
The poets write what they feel.
some is fantasy, some is real.
When all the poets are combined,
it is essential that we must find,
a meaning more explicit then just the pen.
It is the wisdom and knowledge,
of all men.