The Nymph and the Bottle of Bones

Written by: Mathieu de Casanove

I slept in waking, walked no milestones
Until I came upon a shore
A nymph shaking bottled bones
She sung of Aphrodite's lore

For hallowed war, for seductive stroke
I piloted a well gunned ride
They revered me for each enemy broke
Until I took to the clouds to hide

In flames I fell from above
Cut down by a red baroness
I crashed into the field of love
For my want to 'fess, her ill caress

I stumbled through the thistle row
And bedded beneath a yew
I ate the fruit that danger sows
Though I arose so clean and new

At the shore I saw a boatman
Who told me the nymph had died
He beckoned me to cross the ocean
I retreated to find if he had lied

In wind swept sand I found her bottle
With bones and note inside
By which now it made no rattle
But read "This beauty's song saw love denied"