At First Glance

Written by: juanita smalls

From the first moment I saw you
Some way, somehow I knew
That you were the one for me
And I was the one for you.

I couldn't put my finger on it
I wasn't sure exactly what to feel.
Whatever it was, it felt damn good
That's when I knew it was real.

What was the connection?
Why was this vibe so strong?
Had this been the love
I've been waiting for so long?

Apparently so I thought
So I decided to take a chance.
When I kissed you I could tell
You were mine at first glance.

All the right feelings
In the wrong places
Trying ever so desperately
Not to leave any traces

Behind, lying around or otherwise
Only trying to bide my time
Until the one I was in love with
Would once and for all be mine.

So therefore we must
Be careful with each stance
Especially when you feel
The love at first glance.